By Katey Power


You’ve heard of it, and chances are if you’re just getting started in this industry… you could well be one. We’re talking about the selfie generation.. who’s end goal is attainment of a personal brand previously reserved for the social elite.

They’re the social entrepreneurs, who believe in working for themselves, not following a traditional career path or waiting for THAT promotion to give them validation of what they think they’ll amount to be. Perhaps more interestingly… it’s working. They grew up, as Forbes kindly points out, in a world more kind to difference – they have the ‘flexibility to explore more’ and dissolve traditional metrics for adult success. They could be your intern or your AD, but on social media these roles are one in the same, because it comes down to the image you’re able to curate. If they live at home, chances are they can afford the Chloe bag you’re looking at.

What this generation sees is possibility, rather than a reason for not being able to do something.

They’ve got an enviable self-confidence and are unabashedly proud of taking the perfect selfie. They judge the success of their strategy on the amount of likes each picture gets, yet the bad rap the Selfie Generation gets is not entirely founded. Research actually suggests they’re more likely to volunteer for a good cause or start interning early – so they’re more mature and in control of their future. Surprised?

Not that we’re going to start posting selfie after selfie at Mkt. but we are embracing the healthy positivity that this generation bring to the boardroom table. At the very least, they’re teaching us to think differently and maybe love ourselves a little more…

For a personal account of becoming a part of the selfie generation, read more at the Guardian here.

Image source: AdWeek