Ikea is popular for a reason. The furniture is cheap, the minimalist aesthetic goes with just about anything, and it’s extremely customizable, however the parts are often confusing and going to Ikea to pick up a piece of furniture from Richmond or Springvale is a nightmare in itself.

Evolvex however is an Australian design studio that has created a tool that allows you to design your own furniture online. Once you’ve worked out your dream shelving, they ship you the flatpack results, including customized assembly instructions unique to the configuration you created.

The company’s marquee feature is Evolvex Designer, a web-based tool meant to make customizing cabinetry as simple as building a house in The Sims. Given a palette of modular parts, customers can click and fiddle to their hearts’ content. Once they’re happy, the logistics chain springs into action and puts the parts together for shipping.

Start designing your own furniture today here