Working alongside Glow Dreaming, a 5-in-1 sleep aid that is scientifically engineered for sleep, Mkt.’s key focus has been to support the brand in nurturing brand awareness in the parenting space and educating on the importance of quality sleep for both infants and parents. Through an ongoing monthly influencer campaign, Mkt. has supported Glow Dreaming in raising brand awareness and establishing the brand as the most trusted sleep aid for families in the parenting space.

From the outset, Mkt. developed a content creator strategy centered around targeted outreach and alignment with creators within the parenting community and their unique sleep journeys. Collaborating closely with the Glow Dreaming marketing team, the Mkt. team was able to identify key messages and target audiences to ensure resonance and authenticity with a diverse range of content creators. By connecting with talent managers and contacts, Mkt. engaged with creators, including Travis Burns, Ashy Bines, Skye Wheatley and Ash Pollard whose values not only mirrored those of Glow Dreaming but who were also navigating their own parenting and sleep challenges.

Central to Mkt.’s approach for this always-on campaign was the cultivation of lasting relationships with creators, extending beyond transactional collaborations. Through consistent communication, product seeding, and check-ins, Mkt. supported Glow by fostering a community of ‘Glow Gold’ partnerships that enabled seamless collaboration on longer-term partnerships for three and six months at a time. This allowed creators to authentically share their experiences with Glow Dreaming’s products over time, driving brand loyalty and facilitating valuable feedback loops and sharing their experiences with their audiences.

Collaborating with influencers across various content formats including stories, reels, static content, and TikTok, Mkt. focused on targeted storytelling and empowerment through education. From personal anecdotes to insights, the content produced and guided through detailed briefing from the Mkt. team, highlighted the importance of quality sleep for both infants and parents. By addressing sleep-related challenges and offering practical solutions, Mkt. empowered influencers to educate their audiences, fostering a community united by a shared commitment to better sleep.

Through Mkt.’s work with Glow Dreaming, the goal has been to create a supportive ecosystem where parents feel understood and supported. By facilitating meaningful partnerships, Mkt. has contributed to a cultural shift, positioning Glow Dreaming as more than just a product but as a symbol of hope and solidarity in the parenting space.