In the era of self-care and wellbeing, the alliance between Sunlighten Saunas and Fluidform Pilates stands out as a testament to the alignment of both brands and what they stand for when it comes to providing their communities with the tools to help live healthier and happier lifestyles. 

The partnership, established and managed by Mkt. between Sunlighten and Fluidform Pilates, demonstrates the effectiveness of perfectly aligned strategic partnerships in bringing greater awareness to both brands and creating stronger connections with target audiences. In this instance Sunlighten x Fluid Form highlighted the transformative power of combining cutting-edge infrared technology with the benefits of mindful movement to engage audiences.

Central to this partnership is the Sweat & Sculpt challenge—a 21-day online pilates journey meticulously crafted to blend the impactful benefits of sweating with Fluidform Pilates’ expertise in sculpting the body and nurturing overall well-being. 

Throughout the challenge, participants were driven by the opportunity to win their very own Sunlighten Sauna, to help elevate their wellness journey within their own home. Although they did not have access to the sauna during the challenge, the excitement of potentially winning one fueled their dedication to continue the 21-day journey and achieve the best results possible to secure the grand prize. This was further encouraged through the development of educational and supportive tools, such as journal articles and social media content, across FluidForm and Sunlighten Australian owned channels, highlighting the benefits of infrared technology in post-exercise recovery.

From inception to execution, Mkt. played a pivotal role in bringing this multifaceted partnership to life. Close collaboration with Fluidform’s marketing team ensured alignment on key objectives and messaging, facilitating the seamless integration of both brands’ values and offerings. Together, their aim was clear – to raise awareness and inspire individuals to embark on a holistic journey of self-discovery and well-being through movement and mindful practices.

The outcomes of this collaboration were an incredible success including:

  • 1,634 challenge entries: A testament to the resonance of the Sweat & Sculpt challenge, making it the most participated Fluidform challenge to date.
  • 1,829+ increase in Sunlighten’s database: Demonstrating successful expansion within the wellness community.
  • 300+ growth in Sunlighten’s social media followers: Reflecting heightened interest and engagement across digital platforms.
  • Engaging cross-promotional content: Q&A sessions and journals garnered over 2,424 views, fostering community and shared experiences.
  • 5 EDMs promoting the challenge: Strategic email marketing efforts amplified awareness and participation.
  • Social media reach of 27,289+ on challenge assets: Highlighting the effectiveness of social media in spreading the message of holistic wellness and movement.