Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 12.58.26 PMAt Mkt. we love to shop, but sometimes the madness of the end of season sales can be too much to handle, which is exactly why London department store Selfridges created a place for shoppers earlier this year to escape the noisy crowds and find some calm.

The Silence Room, as it is aptly named, was designed as part of Selfridges “No Noise” campaign, and requires that customers leave their shoes and electronic devices at the door upon entering.

The room was based on the initial concept for a silence room, that Gordon Selfridge himself put in the store when it opened in 1909. This ‘silence room’ was created for men to wait in peace while their female companions shopped up a storm.

Surrounded by a minimalistic, cool toned setting with comfortable seating, people have been seen sleeping, meditating and even praying in the Silence Room’s soothing atmosphere.

Let’s hope the Silence Room concept reaches our shores soon, so that Australians too can escape the craziness of sale time for a bit of R&R.

Source: The Standard UK