Brands often freeze up when they’re criticized on Facebook however U.K. maxipad maker Bodyform made the most of it late last year when a a man, named Richard Neill posted a rant on Bodyform’s Facebook wall, humorously calling out the brand for false advertising—saying his girlfriend doesn’t have happy periods like those depicted in the ads, but instead becomes “the little girl from the exorcist with added venom and extra 360 degree head spin.” The post has gotten more than 84,000 likes. Rather than ignore it, Bodyform one-upped Mr. Neill with the video below, in which it pretends to fess up about its pathological lying.

The clip is genius from the opening frames, as we see CEO Caroline Williams (actually played by an actress) pour herself a glass of blue water. “I think it’s time we came clean,” she says. “We lied to you, Richard, and I want to say sorry. … Sorry.” She goes on to facetiously explain why the company has used metaphorical imagery in its ads rather than focusing on “the blood coursing from our uteri like a crimson landslide.”

It’s an inspired bit of writing and performance, capped off by a hilarious ending. And it’s brave to admit, even in the context of the joke, that your ads don’t tell the whole story. Not every brand would feel comfortable doing this, or more to the point, have the skill to pull it off. Of course, it helped that Neill set the tone with his own comedy. Still, this is what great social engagement looks like. Via Mashable.

Since going viral in October of last year, The idea (which came from Carat, and was executed by Rubber Republic) won gold in the Cyber Lions category in Cannes last month.

Article/Journalist source: Ad Week/Tim Nudd