Long before we were all rocked (and locked) by the global pandemic and there was a collective recalibration of the work/life conundrum, Mkt.’s Upgraded Life Program was well established. 

In 2015, the official launch of ‘Upgraded Life’, marked the evolution of the wellbeing program we had already been running for a number of years. It has been an incredible journey, navigating together what it means to be well @work, how we can create an environment of constant improvement both personally and professionally and how we can support true flexibility. Additionally, we explore how we can all support each other to find meaning and purpose in everything we do. 

Each year we take stock of the year that was, the team’s collective needs and the aspects of ‘life’ (this includes work/personal as one…we only have one life not two!) we would like to spotlight in the quest for upgrading ourselves on multiple levels. 

While the dictionary definition of ‘upgrade’ may have you thinking of going “uphill” or “up a slope” in the context of the workplace and our wellbeing at work, we define our ‘Upgraded Life’ as…

A multidimensional approach that focuses on all aspects of our team as individuals and as part of the greater Mkt. collective. It considers both personal and professional goals, aspirations, needs and wants and importantly, wellness in both the heads and hearts of our team. 

We’ve won Employer of the Year in the Mumbrella CommsCon Awards, been profiled by Vic Health and Worksafe around our approach to mental wellbeing in the workplace and been asked dozens of times to share our wellbeing program. However, nothing is more affirming and validating than the stories from our team. 

From discovering meditation (everyone @ Mkt. learns the Vedic Meditation technique with 1 Giant Mind!), to learning to cook healthy Ayurvedic food, wearing an ECG monitor for 3 days to understand how stress and recovery was playing out, doing qi gong in the park and being assessed by a Professor of Sleep, it’s never the same and always at the forefront of true wellness, taking advantage of the latest techniques and tools. 

For this year’s program we’ve taken some liberties with words and blended the words wellbeing and habits together to create our very own magical word ‘wellhabits’. 

With the help of new and unusual experiences and experts, 2024 will see us exploring the themes of wellbeing and habits around our new word ‘Wellhabits’. What does it mean for each of us to feel well, live well, be well? And how do we make these great things a part of our everyday lives? Stay tuned to hear what we learn on our wellbeing habit journey…Want to know more? Just ask! #mktcommunications #wellhabits #mktupgradedlife