Much has been written on the topic of social media and how digital age consumers are interacting with brands via these platforms.

The all important question being asked to marketers though is “does a Facebook ‘like’ or Twitter ‘follow’ really signify brand love and loyalty?” As marketers, it is our job to not only create brand awareness and increase ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ but to also look at the reasons why consumers are engaging with our brand in the first instance and how we can keep them interested in what we have to say!

There are various reasons why a consumer interacts with a brand online and these reasons are constantly changing. Did they like us because we offered a promotion or discount? Do we provide resourceful and engaging information they find useful?

Our tip- We want consumers to engage with the brands we represent on an ongoing basis by continuing to share compelling content that interests them, along with asking them what they want…because one thing we have learnt is that they are happy to tell us, good or bad and it is our job to listen, learn and execute!

Is your favourite brand keeping your ears and eyes open?

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