As large organisations scavenge for Twitter followers in the hope of enhancing their online presence, good ol’ Old Spice and Taco Bell have shown sometimes all it takes is a little humour and a lot of authenticity.

According to Business Insider, these companies have each built large social media fan bases by being funny and real and this is something “all those boring brands” need to learn!

When Old Spice took a swipe at Taco Bell asking why their “fire sauce isn’t made with any real fire?” Taco Bell quickly responded by asking Old Spice if their deodorant is “made with really old spices?”

This is a very interesting example of how two brands are maintaining their transparency, appealing to current followers and encouraging new community members by providing an authentic and often witty voice.

Our tip? At the end of the day it’s simple- if your brand is not being authentic, it will hurt your reputation!

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