At Mkt. we believe in the development of our people, both as professionals and as individuals, including our goals, aspirations and wellness. And so, at the beginning of the new financial year Mkt. rolled out a new, specialised and miulti-dimensional wellness program, developed by Directors Skye and Jess, and Design Director Maddie.

We’re calling it …



Each quarter of the year has a focus on one element and this is all about upgrading our spirit – the non-physical part of a person; the soul.

It was only fitting to enlist the help of client and friend, Jonni Pollard from 1 Giant Mind. Jonni is a meditation master and regularly works with companies and individuals to improve general health and wellbeing so we can live conscious, fulfilling lives free from the negative impacts of stress. This originally sounded like a foreign concept to us PR girls working in a fast-paced industry, but the powers of Vedic meditation were yet to come…

After a month of using the 1Giant Mind app and mediating together in the office for 20 minutes everyday, we started feeling the benefits of meditation. We were calmer, more present and ready to tack our lives! Over four days of intensive learning and practicing, we were taught the origins and development of Vedic meditation, the benefits and the correct technique to get the most out of your meditation.


Although not easy at first, and despite a couple of skeptics among the team, every single one of us walked out on the final day with a fresh outlook, and a lifelong tool to cope with stress and anxiety – what an incredible gift!

Now, all meditation experts, we are taking on the 30 day challenge created by Jonni and 1 Giant Mind, to meditate twice a day for 20 minutes – bring it on!