Pinterest, for the inexpert, is a deceptively simple-sounding, insanely addictive social media site that lets users collect and share images on digital pinboards. Most social-networking sites have first become popular among the tech savvy. But Pinterest found its most passionate users among the scrapbooking set, a mostly female group  who have turned to it to plan weddings, save recipes, and post ideas for kitchen renovations.

Pinterest emerged as the fastest-growing website of all time. In February the site registered 16.23 million users, a 52% jump in just one month and it isn’t even open to everyone (would-be “pinners” must still request an invitation to join).

Here are a few reasons why so many people are addicted to Pinterest:

  • It has a simple design. Pinterest’s lets users scroll through endless rows of pictures without distraction.
  • It’s accessible. “Unlike Facebook or Twitter, you don’t have to access the website to post content,” the graphic says. The “pin it” browser plug-in lets users pin anything from any website without first going to
  • It’s a refuge. Pinterest doesn’t require status updates, relationship statuses, or check-ins. It is a refuge where people can browse and share things they like without worrying about revealing personal content.