Have you ever paid much attention to your face? Its shapes and features can say a lot about the story of one’s life and personality…

Mkt. celebrated Mindful Monday this week by delving into the art of face reading with a session held by the incredible Your Body & You team that explored how to define a person’s geometry and translate this into their current experience.

Did you know the following face shape/personality trait relationships?

  • Circle – Easy going, happy, sensitive, easily influenced, nurturing, affectionate and emotional
  • Oval – Feminine sensitivity and softness, flexible, idealistic, warm, affectionate, caring for others and their point of view
  • Square – Solid, basic, down to earth, resolute, practical, less imaginate, a doer rather than a thinker with a strong earthy passion
  • Rectangle – High ideals, humanitarian, with an intellectual drive to represent these in life with the strength and determination to stand up for them; supportive and reliable with mental and emotional balance
  • Upwards Triangle – Resolute, stubborn, unreasonable, introverted, closed-minded
  • Downwards Triangle – High intellectual, sensitive, quick and open-minded; can be easily upset when misunderstood, needs grounding

The next time you walk past a mirror, be sure to take a deeper look!