Are you up for a Viggle?

Viggle, a new loyalty program for television that gives people real rewards for checking into the shows they’re watching is quickly catching on in the US. Is Viggle along with similar applications, such as the already established Fango, set to make an exemplary passive activity such as watching television a social and rewarding activity?

From chatting to fellow fans about the television shows they love across a range of social media platforms, to voting on real time polls, and winning prizes, social television certainly appears to have its perks…

In Viggle’s case the application automatically identifies what television shows its users are watching and awards them points when they check-in, transforming the pleasure of watching your favourite shows into physical rewards such as movie tickets, gift cards and more. So why wouldn’t we partake?

The fact is that television is traditionally perceived as an ‘escape’ medium and after all of these years still requires little to no concentration. This may stop many conventional viewers from turning into social and actively engaged audiences. We’ll just have to viggle and see…

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