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Online and social networking experiences come and go . At one time, Netscape was the only web browser and My Space was the biggest craze going around… One is now gone and one just hasn’t been able to evolve. As we’ve mentioned before, Facebook is reported to be losing a significant number of users daily so just what do the experts think will happen to Facebook in ten years time?

Mashable, the largest independent website dedicated to news for the connected generation, has looked into the 2024 version of Facebook. The article, written by Todd Wasserman, states that the company will continue to morph from a social network to a more traditional media company and also writes that several macro trends will likely drive that transformation, including the ascendance of smaller private networks, emerging platforms and growth in developing countries.

Key predictions include:

  • Adapting to mobile: Facebook, which was caught flat-footed by the mobile revolution, has been proactively avoided falling behind again. The company have launched a series of steps (messenger which wasn’t so successful) including the latest new direction ‘Paper’, a news aggregation app that the company introduced Monday, a day before its 10-year anniversary.
  • Looking ahead over the next few years, most envision a continued migration from desktop to phones and tablets. eMarketer predicts that, by 2017, some 2.5 billion people will have smartphones, versus 1.75 billion today. On that canvas, Facebook will behave like a media company, releasing apps with the Facebook imprimatur to address new needs in the market
  • In its first 10 years, Facebook’s primary appeal was its user base. There was really no other reason to go on Facebook except to see your friends. Over the next decade, as it competes with Twitter, Google+ and a host of up-and-coming apps, Facebook will have to offer something more.

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