Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 1.09.08 PMWhy Is Corporate Social Responsibility Important? CSR Advantages, from Profit to Longevity

Our friends at B Lab (the nonprofit behind certifying B Corps) , have released a free report that looks at why CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is important – a perfect way to start your journey to elevating purpose in business!

As consumers become more conscientious and mindful of the businesses they support, it is more true now than ever before that a socially responsible company will often be a profitable company. Businesses that fail to keep up with the changing landscape may be forced to pay the price.

You may be wondering whether an organization must make sacrifices to become a socially responsible business, how much corporate social responsibility costs and what type of rewards responsible businesses see.

B Lab has released a Special Report in B Magazine, a global media brand that celebrates critical thinkers, innovative companies and ground-breaking products with a positive social and environmental impact on our world. The report, entitled Why Is Corporate Social Responsibility Important? CSR Advantages, from Profit to Longevity, could serve as the perfect start on your journey to marrying profit with purpose. Download the full report here.

Why is corporate social responsibility important?

It’s easy to understand why CSR is good for the community, both locally and globally. Green business practices, volunteer efforts and corporate giving benefit both people and planet. But what’s in it for the businesses that engage in it?

The simple answer: Companies that become socially responsible can expect long-term survival rates to improve, market-shift resilience to strengthen, consumer trust and loyalty to increase dramatically, and the most talented and dedicated employees to come knocking.