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High-end US department store Nordstrom has brought their ‘pinning’ to life this week by introducing a section in its brick and mortar outlets that includes some of the most pinned products on its Pinterest page that week.

Initially installed in 13 of the US brand’s stores, the scheme simply updates items in store with a small Pinterest logo to let shoppers know that the product is receiving attention on the company’s profile on the social sharing site. The program takes into account the top items on a regional basis, meaning that the products being promoted in one store might not be the same as another store, reflecting local preferences. Considering the resources Nordstrom pours into its Pinterest account – it currently has nearly 4.5 million followers – its most pinned items reflect the opinions of a fair share of shoppers and are a good bellwether for trends.

The initiative is a simple and inexpensive way to engage customers in offline stores and boost revenue by directing them to the items that people like themselves are interested in.

Source: Springwise