For those of you out there that have a list of to-do items that lack the importance required to ever actually get done…you may be in need of a rabbit or two!

Rabbit? Yes! US pay per chore site Task Rabbit is leading the way for some very handy helpers (aka rabbits) to make some extra cash and allowing busy professionals to finally cross off some of the most niggling chores they have accumulated throughout the year.

Their philosophy “get pretty much anything done by awesome people” allows customers to get in touch with reliable people who can help with just about anything including house chores, shopping, office help, handyman services, moving help and much more!

Customers simply post a task on the site and Task Rabbits make offers of how much they are willing to be paid for each task…so would you pay a stranger $76 to clean and empty your kitchen pantry or $80 to organise your home office?

Whilst the site currently only services the US market we can’t wait to see the same concept hit our shores…hopefully sometime before our wardrobe doors finally bust open!

Visit for a quirky review of the service.