The Telegraph posted a wrap of the results of the ‘Cool Brands Council’ (yes, there is one…) survey into the globes coolest brands as voted for by a panel of 36 “influencers” who give their ratings plus the opinions of 2,000 Britons who were also asked to vote for their coolest brands to complete the list…

According to Stephen Cheliotis, chairman of CoolBrands council…”There are inherent factors that are evident in cool brands – things like style, originality, innovation. If style leaders and the British public think you’re cool, from a business perspective it’s massively important because what it means is people want you. They want to buy your product, they want to buy your service, and they’ll probably pay a premium for it.”

Now in its 10th year, the list is compiled after the panel of 36 designers, style experts and prominent figures from the worlds of TV, fashion and music score each brand.They take into account style, innovation, originality, authenticity, desirability and uniqueness.

Our thoughts…there are the obvious cues as listed above, but its the intangible things that a brand becomes that create its inherent value…hard to put words to the emotional energy a brand incites…and this of course doesn’t happen over night, most of the brands in the Top 20 are well established global icons…

How cool is your brand and what is ‘cool’ worth to you…?

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The top 20 winners in full: 

1. Aston Martin
2. Apple
3. Harley-Davidson
4. Rolex
5. Bang & Olufsen
6. BlackBerry
7. Google
8. Ferrari
9. Nike
10. YouTube
11. Alexander McQueen
12. Dom Perignon
13. PlayStation
14. Ray-Ban
15. Chanel
16. Nintendo
17. Vivienne Westwood
18. Agent Provocateur
19. Tate Modern
20. Maserati