Mkt. frequently blogs about the benefits and greatness of social media and we recently came across a rather peculiar way of using this social phenomenon that we just had to share with you…

Posted by Erik Sass’s on Media Post’s ‘Social Graf’ daily round up, the article, to our amazement informed us how armed robber Jason Valdez, updated his Facebook status during a 16-hour-long armed standoff with SWAT teams at a motel in Utah.

For Valdez, social media allowed him to communicate with his friends and family and even gain insights into the whereabouts of SWAT team locations. Thankfully though, these tips proved futile and the standoff ended with no hostage casualties.

As crazy as this situation sounds…we have quickly realised there are a range of wild and wonderful ways people (criminals especially) are using social media.

From elaborate frauds, identify vacation-going burglary subjects; to stealing online identities, social media is fast becoming a resource for some very unlikely professionals.

According to Sass, criminals are even attracting social media followings with one teen kleptomaniac criminal from the Pacific Northwest actually forming a Facebook following of tens of thousands of admirers.

Criminals should watch out though, there are countless articles and news stories on the internet, which suggest social media is the newest tool for police to track down and arrest these wrong doers.

Our view? This article clearly demonstrates social media, when used correctly is one very powerful tool…

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