Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 9.38.29 AMMkt. are big advocates of etiquette (the queen of etiquette, Emily Post, is one of guru’s) so when the New York Times recently featured the article ‘Etiquette returns for the digital generation’ we were immediately intrigued…Are manners dead?

Apparently not! Tutorials on shaking hands, gym, drive-through windows, cell phone etiquette amongst many other topics are quickly becoming top You Tube videos of interest. In other interesting facts, The New York Times article reports that…

  • Cellphones, Twitter and Facebook may be killing off the old civilities and good graces,  a new generation of etiquette gurus, good-manner bloggers and self-appointed YouTube arbiters is rising to make old-fashioned protocols relevant to a new generation
  • Their apparent goal: to help members of Generation Y navigate thorny, tech-age minefields like Paperless Post invites, same-sex weddings and online dating — not to mention actual face-to-face contact with people they encounter in the offline world…
  • But perhaps the fastest-growing area of social advice — one that has spawned not just videos but also Web sites, blogs and books — is the Internet itself, and the proper displays of what’s been termed “netiquette.”
  • There are YouTube videos on using emoticons in business e-mails, being discreet when posting on someone’s Facebook wall, limiting baby photos on Instagramretweeting too many Twitter messages and juggling multiple online chats
  • The publishing industry is scurrying to catch up, with a flurry of new etiquette books on digital on the way – including a devoted book from our guru Emily Post: When Daniel Post Senning, the great-great-grandson of Emily Post, was working on the 18th edition of “Emily Post’s Etiquette,” he found it impossible to cover technology in a single chapter. Instead, he devoted an entire book to it, “Emily Post’s Manners in a Digital World: Living Well Online,” to be released as an e-book and paperback in April (Already in our Amazon shopping cart!)
  • Young women in the D.I.Y. demographic have also shown a new interest in manners, said Grace Bonney, the founder of Design Sponge, a popular home décor blog with a newweekly etiquette column. Etiquette posts, on things like “social media dos and don’ts,” have attracted five times the number of comments and Facebook “likes” as many other posts, she said

Good etiquette is never going to go out of fashion…even in the digital age. How up-to-date are you with your etiquette?

Read the entire New York Times article here