A designer says ‘no’ while striving for perfection, a marketer says ‘no’ to certain groups when determining their target market and PR professionals say ‘no’ to one media strategy over the other.

In an industry of perfectionists we are often hard on ourselves, however we must also be happy to say ‘no’ when this benefits our client’s interests. The art of ‘no’ is a tricky mastery and we have some tips to get you started on the right track!

  • Sometimes saying ‘no’ is a necessity, though you must always remain polite
  • Acknowledge and anticipate a range of feelings may come as a result of saying ‘no’ in both professional and personal life
  • Saying ‘no’ as a professional allows you to take back some of your time to spend on other important areas
  • Even the best clients might need to hear ‘no’ once in a while
  • Learn to say ‘no’ at the right time in the right way

When dealing with clients or in your personal life ‘no’ can often be a reminder that you’re engaged in a mutually beneficial relationship, and when you learn to say the ‘n’ word without actually saying it…one would suggest you are well on your way to mastering the art of saying ‘no’.