Consumers live in a world where they can access almost anything at the click of a button, making their lives easier than ever before and with individuals spending more and more time in front of  their computers and constantly on their iPhone’s, blackberry’s, tablets and more….trying to stay one step ahead of the game for these consumers is proving quite difficult.

These days, majority of brands and companies have an online presence including a much needed online store to compete in the ever demanding retail landscape. But what will happen to the brick and mortar stores of today as they continue to face a number of challenges just for having a shop front ? The main point of difference these tangible stores have to their advantage (and must not forget) is the opportunity to deliver excellent customer service and the ability to offer an experience like no other to their customers, rather than just a online impersonal business transaction.

Consumers are becoming more savvy to the tricks being used to entice them to spend, resulting in business owners beginning to employ experiential services to ensure the consumer is not only informed but entertained by their memorable retail visit. Mkt. discovered three overseas retail projects who have developed new ways to to stand out amongst the crowd…

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Mkt. is loving the ‘popuphood’, we can’t wait to see who will be the first to bring it to Australia!