To celebrate the launch of QV Skincare’s latest campaign QV For Every Me, Mkt. Communications along with QV ambassador Kate Ritchie hosted an intimate group of beauty media and influencers for a beautiful breakfast at the Botanic Gardens Restaurant in Sydney.

The QV For Every Me campaign, is dedicated to helping Australians know and truly understand their skin type, and to give them the confidence to identify their skin needs and the best skin care path. Everyone is different, every day is different but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution – it’s just about finding the right QV products for you.

Dermatologist, Dr. Jacqueline Matulich, Senior Brand Manager Melissa Giuliani and QV ambassador Kate Ritchie hosted a panel in which they talked to media about their own skincare experiences and how understanding their particular skin type, has given them the confidence to identify their skin needs.

As part of the campaign, QV recently commissioned a survey which found that 82% of Australian’s lack confidence in their skin – which inhibits their everyday life – and 67% were unsure if they were using the right products to support their skin health.  In response to these findings QV launched the QV For Every Me campaign to help Australians understand their skin type and to find the right skincare path.

During the event guests were encouraged to use the QV Hydration Strips to test out their skin type and discover which QV products were right for them. Using the online QV Skin Solution Tool, guests were able to identify which products suited their skin needs and gave them confidence in their skincare regime. To test out the QV Skin Solution Tool for yourself, check out the QV website. 

In conclusion of the event both Kate Ritchie and Dr. Jacqueline Matulich agreed that confidence comes from great skin health and the best way to ensure this is to be knowledgeable about what your skin needs at different times of your life and to keep your skincare regime simple.