Responding to consumer demand, Pinterest, yesterday finally launched their much anticipated iOS version specifically for the iPad and an Android version that adapts to smartphone and tablet screens.

As reported on Media Post today…the article states that a blog post announcing the device extensions was the bearer of this exciting news. Pinterest also said that Android owners have been “very vocal” in asking for a Pinterest version for their OS. The app in Google Play presents the user with a two-column scroll of pinned items on smartphones and three columns on 7-inch tablets. A Kindle Fire version of the Android app will be available later this week in the Amazon App Store.

Claiming that iPad users “may have the best Pinterest experience yet,” the company is giving Apple tablet owners a range of ways to save and reorganize their pins. At the same time, Pinterest is upgrading its months-old iPhone app to enhance speed, and brings a new 2-column layout to match the Android version.

Pinterest quick stats…

  • Pinterest and its social sharing for images proved to be the social media success story of 2011
  • Since June of last year, the site saw membership and traffic grow exponentially – There are currently 23 millions users, up from 1 million this time last year.
  • It was only last week that Pinterest opened its service to the general public. Before then, users who signed up had to wait to be cleared by the company.
  • A sensation in Silicon Valley, Pinterest — which does not yet generate revenue — raised $100 million at a $1.5-billion valuation in May. It has about 60 employees.
  • Pinterest has become a greater source of referral traffic than Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon and Bing
  • Pinterest is now the fastest growing and the third most trafficked social networking site in the U.S.
  • Of their 10.4 million users, 21% have purchased an item they discovered on Pinterest and many businesses are beginning to see the site as a platform for marketing.
  • Because of its visual nature, many brand marketers have flocked to Pinterest in order to get in on the massive amount of pin sharing that goes on here.
  • According to social media metrics site ZoomSphere, Nordstrom, The Perfect Palate, The Beauty Department, Real Simple magazine and Better Homes & Gardens magazine are the top five most followed commercial entities on Pinterest

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