Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 11.44.40 AMMany products are designed – rightly or wrongly – for women in the Australian and overseas market. While many of these products go unnoticed, recently a number of them have received significant backlash, so why is it that brand managers continue to push ‘for her’ products?

Delicate shapes, pastel tones and special additions specifically devised for the modern day woman are being sold as essential elements of the ‘for her’ product.

Latest products which fit this criteria include Honda’s Fit compact car with pink accents, the Floral Kiss laptop featuring zirconia adornments and Bic’s Cristal ‘for her’ pen which is delicately shaped for a woman’s hand.

According to Co.CREATE there are products that can be successfully marketed to women without a backlash including Gillette’s line of Venus razors. The trick? ‘Marketers should emphasise a legitimate, not insulting difference between women and men to avoid any unwanted repercussions!’

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