Australian retailers are set to engage with customers on a new and more personal level with the assistance of the latest in-store payment system to be introduced by PayPal.

Customers will now have the opportunity to pay without cash or credit card under a new in-store payment system, which will also provide retailers with the name and photo of ‘checked-in’ users allowing them to engage with their customer in a more personable way.

Shoppers will enjoy speedy transactions and piece of mind that the use of their image will allow retailers to verify their identity for security purposes, while sellers are able to view invaluable customer information including recent and favourite transactions.

The service will also allow retailers to integrate their customers into loyalty programs similar in theory to Square’s Pay with Square functionality.

Sonoma Bakery, Guzman Y Gomez, Glue Store and Crayons have already signed up for PayPal’s new in-store payment system however, the company is well aware that people are not going to instantly “throw out their coins and credit cards” at this early stage.

This is one of many payment pilots PayPal is set to introduce internationally over the next two years and it showcases the company’s innovative mobile payments technologies…we will certainly be watching this space.

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