Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 12.21.12 PMThe pace of innovation is accelerating at record speed, as virgin customers around the globe lust to try the hottest and newest must have products and services.

What is a virgin customer we hear you say? According to, a virgin customer is an individual who may be unfamiliar with a new product, brand or sector, however, they certainly aren’t clueless or naïve!

The key to a virgin mindset:

Keep it simple-
Companies are being encouraged to rethink their pre-existing products from the ground up to ensure that items make sense for the way today’s consumer lives.

Explain your brand-
Every campaign should show your customer ‘who are you’, ‘what makes you different’ and ‘what your brand says about these consumers who choose it?’ According to, this is a must for virgin brands!

Don’t ask for commitment-
Think high fashion rentals as virgin customers enjoy renting products instead of purchasing. Give consumers the opportunity to access and experience your products, rather than just selling them.

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