“Adults can only stay focused for an average of six minutes before doing a ‘just check’ of email, IM or social media!”- Rescue Time.

As part of our #mktupgradedlife Q1 connection to ourselves workshop, the Mkt. team took part in a six-week Workday Reinvention Program with Dr. Amantha Imber, Founder & Chief Maker of Inventium.

The course aims to transform the way people work to not only boost productivity but also increase wellbeing. This is done through a series of tools, tips and exercises which help re-train individuals in how to stay focussed on what matters and make progress on their most meaningful projects.

There is a lot of research that shows how ineffective we have all become at work…switching between tasks, having 20 windows and multiple platforms open at once and ‘just checking’ our emails too many times to count.

One of the tools we have committed to in assisting our clients and brains better is dividing our days and allowing time for ‘Deep Work’ – this means that we often use a few hours in the morning while our brain is at its best (Fact: Everyone in the Mkt. team fell in the morning circadian rhythm/chronotype which helps determine your best times for maximum productivity and key decision making) to focus and work, without distractions, on more challenging and meaningful tasks.

So sometimes when you email us and don’t hear back from us, you may think that we are not working. Not true, we are working but trialling a new way of getting more out of our days and finding extra time to work on projects.

‘Deep work’ and other methods such as email batching, speedy meetings and inbox pausing are just a couple of tools that we have already implemented in the first three weeks of the program and feedback (and results) to date is that Mkt. team have never felt more productive…Watch out world.

Like to know more about our trial and our efforts to upgrade our workdays? Just ask, we love sharing!