While the top level of Gen Z are only 13 years old, in five years time these ‘children’ will be working, earning and consuming. This highly important group born after 1995 is beginning to have an impact on the consumer environment.

Marketers are already adopting different strategies when targeting different generational groups. According to Marketing Vox, Gen Z will be the most multitasking generation to have ever existed, and will be comfortable with a multitude of information streams running concurrently.

Gen Z will be the most tech savvy, advertising aware, and active audience group marketers have ever tried to reach. Less interested in passive media and leaving a large proportion of the space for social media, Gen Z gives new meaning to the phrase ‘interactive audience’

While traditional marketing is not likely to disappear, businesses must learn about this new generation and their characteristics in the hope they will be able to reach this intricate and technologically savvy group.

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