Every consumer loves a great deal, whether they are purchasing the latest and greatest sports car or participating in online group buying to snag a cheap facial, deals are simply becoming a way of everyday life.

This month’s trendwatching.com report investigates the phenomenon of deal hunting and ‘dealer-chic’, which has become an integral part of daily life for consumers.

What’s ‘dealer-chic’ we hear you say? According to trendwatching.com, consumers have always loved getting good deals or exclusive rewards, but rather than having to hide ones’s haggling, securing the best deal is now accepted and considered to be clever.

Their prediction…‘dealer-chic’ is set to reach new heights in the coming years and here’s why:

  1. More for less: While many people in developed economies may have less money to spend right now, consumers everywhere will forever look to experience more.
  2. The medium is in the motivation: Consumers are now being alerted to, using, reusing and sharing offers and deals via new (and therefore infinitely more exciting and attractive) technologies.
  3. Best of the best: With instant mobile or online access to not only deals but reviews as well, consumers can now be confident they’re getting the best price for the best product or service.


The top Australian deal sites include Groupon, Cudo, Spreets and Deals Direct, all of which must take responsibility for producing a new breed of customers…the ‘deal addict’.

For the ‘deal addict’, the thrill of spending frivolously and being offered newer and better deals on a daily basis is unlikely to end for many years to come.

Our advice…Resist the urge- consumers have little trouble finding deals all year round and attitudes to discounts are changing so instead of signing up to daily deal websites, seek the deal on your own terms and avoid the spending trap.

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