There is no doubt that Social Media in the workplace is quickly becoming an essential element of the marketing mix and organisations throughout the world should be embracing this social tool or risk losing out.

Often, the hardest part of delving into this social media sphere is trying to find out if we are actually reaching our brand’s intended audience.

Many of us have used or heard of Hootsuite, Twitalyzer, Twithawk and Mkt. has decided to reveal our latest favorite influence analyzer…Klout, and why we believe this tool is increasingly important to marketers.

A Klout score is the measurement of your overall online influence, including how many people you reach and how you…or your client has ultimately influenced the online society.

The three main categories of Klout analysis include True Reach, Amplification, and Network Influence.

True Reach refers to how interesting your tweets are, Amplification is a measurement of engagement/velocity and Network Influence is the measurement of influence of your online network.

So what does this exactly mean and why should you and your clients care about Klout?

The role of Klout is to assess the true quality of your online presence online. This includes not only the number of followers a user has, but also the level of interaction, the quality of the followers, and the quality of the followers’ interactions.

So, it’s simple why marketers should be interested in Klout. When choosing ambassadors to align to our client’s products and services, we should always consider their Klout score, i.e. their online influence.

Mkt. tip…keep an ongoing eye out for newer and better social media influence analyzers, as this is a ever growing market worth exploring on a regular basis.