Recently Mkt. had the pleasure of hosting a couple of one-on-one blogger meets with our client Keshett.  The macaroons and champagne flowed as two of our favourite bloggers were treated to the exclusive Keshett experience of jewels, jewels and more jewels!

Phoebe Montague of Lady Melbourne has earned her stripes as one of Australia’s key fashion bloggers. Phoebe’s blog is the quintessential fashion blog from Melbourne and with a background in jewellery designing herself, Phoebe was a wonderful and insightful guest to the store.

Sarah Kempson of Style Emporium is a self-confessed fashion tragic with a weakness for shiny things. As a professional writer Sarah found the stories that Keshett owner Paula told about some of Keshett’s most beautiful pieces most fascinating.

Stay tuned to the Keshett blog for some guest posts by these lovely ladies and be sure to check out Lady Melbourne and Style Emporium to read about their experiences in store (and an exciting give-away!)