When did we stop thinking that pancakes in bed and a present picked out from the Mother’s Day stall weren’t enough?

When did we take the “special” out of mother’s day and make it just another cash cow for retailers?

Consumer traffic has hit it’s highest reading since January, with the traditional annual surge in perfume, flowers, books and chocolate sales as Mother’s Day creeps up on us again this Sunday.

Mother’s Day was officially recognised in the USA in 1914 after Ann Jarvis began a one-woman crusade, an “appeal to womanhood” to rise against war. Ann decided to create a unique day just for mother’s, It was to be a day which celebrates motherhood, womanhood and peace!
And so began the tradition of Mothers Day…But not as we celebrate it today.

Research has revealed that even a global financial crisis doesn’t stop many of us rushing to the nearest department store and spending over our budget, more often than not, on last minute, unwanted gifts for these special but small occasions.

So this Mother’s Day, instead of stopping at the 7-Eleven to buy that bunch of droopy carnations perhaps we should all go back to basics and simple pleasures- make your special mum a card or perhaps a pasta necklace, cook her breakfast in bed or pick some fresh flowers from the garden and bring back the real meaning of Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day!