In an effort to connect with Gen Y and the changing media consumption patterns of people around the world, online media organisations are updating their online sites with the latest news every minute of every day.

Why is it that we need that much information? Especially when many of the older generation are already struggling with information overload!

Well if that is you…you may not be excited to hear of the newest news creation. Mackinley Greenlaw, 32, has recently helped his father and former MTV ad executive Doug Greenlaw found ‘One Minute News.’

As the name may suggest, this online and mobile-based news service aims to provide audiences with honest, personal news from current events to lifestyle and entertainment news in one minute.

According to Greenlaw and as cited on, 21-35 year olds are craving an honest, human point of view and One Minute News offers these characteristics to its viewers.

With younger hosts (many of which have been picked up from MTV) this news format aims to cut through the crazed media world and deliver specific, passionate, contextual and personal news.

What do we think about One Minute News…? While, we love all things new and technologically savvy, we will have to wait and see about One Minute News…

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