Last Friday (25th March 2011), a young intern at Marc Jacobs who was entrusted with the companies twitter login account details set off some…well interesting tweets to the Marc Jacobs twitter feed.

The “unnamed” intern was clearly well aware of the implications these comments would pose to him, saying, “I’m out! Won’t work in this town again! I know that!” The intern also mentioned company CEO Robert Duffy, or the “tyrant” as tweeted.

Whilst, Marc Jacobs company executives may not have been impressed (the tweets were deleted a couple of hours later), many are questioning whether the tweets were really all that bad.

Bloggers are actually congratulating the young intern for adding some excitement to the company twitter account. Others are suggesting that the publicity this act has created is priceless. Some go as far to insinuate the whole performance was a carefully constructed publicity stunt.

People are still creating and defining the etiquette for this relatively new communications tool. However, one would advise that lashing out at your boss on your last day via twitter might not be the brightest idea!

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