Refresh your social media skills with the assistance of digital expert Jeff Bullas who has provided a guide to the latest facts, figures and statistics to ensure you stay on top of the rapidly changing social media environment!


Here’s our pick of the top three tips for each platform we think every marketer needs to know:


  • Facebook has over 500 million mobile users
  •  Australia (including Oceania) has 9.7 million Facebook mobile users
  •  The fastest growth is on the Android platform at over 22% in the last four months


  • 92% of people “Retweet” because of interesting content
  • The top five most popular twitter users by number of followers are Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Shakira and Rihanna
  • 69% of people decide to follow a user via a friend recommendation


  • This social network has now hit 400 million registered users and has 100 million monthly active users
  • The average age is 28 years for males and 38 years for females
  • Google+ users are more technically savvy than Facebook users


  • 76.9% of people use LinkedIn to research people and companies
  •  The top feature is “Groups” with over 78% of users utilising this feature
  •  Over 48% of user profiles are considered incomplete


  • Over 1.9 billion monthly page views
  • Average time per visit is over 14 minutes globally
  • The top brands on Pinterest with significant growth include Barneys New York (204%), Nordstrom (150%) and Victoria’s Secret (2.001% growth) that has occurred over the last 3 months


  • Its daily active mobile users have now exceeded Twitter at 7.3 million daily users compared to Twitter’s at 6.9 million
  • Average minutes using the app per month, per visitor are 257 minutes
  • 22 million unique users use the app every month

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