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Ever wished you could take just the most pertinent information from a news article instead of having to read the entire article? If the answer is yes, your wish has been granted in the form of a new app called Wibbitz.

The app is a free download on iTunes (to iPhone only) that converts online news articles and presents them in a more mobile friendly video format. Wibbitz only takes the most pertinent information and converts it into a video that lasts around one or two minutes.

The app can view stories from a number of top news outlets and takes the key facts – people, dates, locations, quotes and short-form explanations from news articles.

Using natural voice narration, images, videos, maps and other HTML-enabled features to provide users with clips that can be consumed on the run.

How does the app do it? Complex language processing algorithms to get the necessary information and transform it into easy to digest content. Perfect!

Source: Springwise