Over the past three months we have had the pleasure of working with Foodbank Victoria, the state’s longest serving food relief organisation, on the execution of their Big Breakfast event at Federation Square.

On May 28, Foodbank brought Melburnians together to take a stand for the 1-in-7 children who go to school without breakfast every day. It’s happening in our own backyards and Mkt. was delighted to get on board in raising awareness around this issue – we were kids once too and were forever grateful that we were able to head to school on a full belly each day that helped us to focus, think more clearly and grow strong and healthy!

As part of the campaign we engaged with like minded individuals and brands to raise awareness of this problem. Truthfully, shining a light on this problem made us think about our consumer habits, being less wasteful and more grateful for the ready access we have to quality ingredients and food everyday. It’s caused a mindful shift in our office and we encourage you to think about what you’re throwing out each week!

From a media perspective it was fantastic to receive TV and online support, where we encouraged influencers to share a meal that they’re grateful to have with the #nochildhungry. Some of the pictures got our stomachs rumbling and we were pleased to have reached more than 1,274,171 throughout the campaign.

Did you know working professionals are the largest growing group to experience hardship? They are a part of the 42% rise in need for assistance and might not be checking in with Foodbank every week, but a few times a year when bills pile up it’s nice to know there is a helping hand there to get people through a tough time.

Fact: Approximately 1-2 in every 10 Victorians don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Think that’s concerning? You are only three paycheques away from needing food relief. 

Our work with Foodbank culminated in a great event at Federation Square, where Mkt. was thrilled to have the support of Bulla Dairy Foods, Carman’s, The Chia Co., Whole Kids, TOMS, Guy Evans Photography and DUKE Creative. To make it even sweeter, the event followed a great announcement that the Andrews Government has committed $13.7 million to help Foodbank serve more than 25,000 meals to school kids from Term 1 next year.

If you’d like to learn more about Foodbank and the great work that they do, please visit foodbankvictoria.org.au for more information and how to donate.