Mkt. client Rios Press has launched a new business book titled Corpus RIOS into the Australian and International markets.

Corpus RIOS arose out of a conundrum; why had business become such hard work and why was consistent success so elusive?

In his book, Chris Tipler (yes, he is a relative) throws strategic planning out the window in favour of the elegant new RIOS model. The RIOS model says any business can come up with a plan to match ambition and capability. In other words, RIOS links what we want with how we are going to get it.

Mkt began working on the project when in its initial stages and continued to do so as the manuscript progressed to finished publication. Since publication, Mkt have been busy setting up the distribution channels, overseeing the creation of an e-pub version of Corpus RIOS and much more.

Mkt. has recently conducted several planning sessions using the RIOS business model.  The resounding feedback from the team was how incredibly clear the model makes planning long term goals and how manageable the steps to achieving these goals become when you drill down to the RIOS action plans.

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