We are all blog obsessed…. Whether you are a fashion and cosmetics junkie, a home interior enthusiast, a tech savvy early adopter or a garden-variety green thumb, an insightful blog with noteworthy recommendations and themed tid bits to devour has become a daily reading ritual….

Quirky musings, valuable expert tips, money can’t buy advice and refreshing thoughts and insights about the subjects we love most are the best blog fodder. But when does a blog become a flog,…a waste of time, written rubbish, a self indulgent rant?

Social media has given us a global audience and blogs in particular offer an opportunity for anyone who so desires to share their thoughts, feelings and opinions but how does one distill the value from the volume and in marketing, how do we become the ‘most interesting person at the dinner party’…?

Blogging is about disseminating interesting information… it is not an opportunity for a hard sell. In the 20th century Proctor and Gamble were the best because they shouted the loudest… in the 21st century, the social media age – brands leading the vanguard are simply the best listeners and they are prepared to truly give…

A well-written and followed blog is about engaging readers through thought leadership and sharing information that really adds value – you can’t be afraid to give too much!

The line between interesting and annoying is thin. Aim to educate, enlighten and entertain your audience with transparency and honesty. Get your fans and followers talking, for all the right reasons. Blog it, don’t flog it…

PS. Unless you’re Rachel Zoe or Kim Kardashian we don’t want to hear that you finally made it to the dentist but if you’ve got cred’s in the space, we might like to know about the latest teeth whitening treatments, costs and the best practitioners for our little black book!